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Location: Station 51
Attendees: Commissioners Mike Reis, Neil Anderson, Bill Petersen, and Chris Mingay and Fire Chief Michael O’Connor
Chris Mingay called the meeting to order at Station 51 at 1905 HRS
  1. Roll Call
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Approval of the Agenda: Neil motioned, and Mike seconded.
  4. Public Comment: None
  5. Reports:
    1. Call Report: Fire Chief stated there were two call report pages. The first was the breakdown of the vegetation fires. The district went on 26 vegetation fires and several mutual aid calls. The second page lists the additional 25 calls as eight medical aid calls, two electrical issues, twelve vehicle accidents, one downed aircraft and two public assists. Overall 30 fewer calls than last year.
    2. Budget Report: Fire Chief explained the budget was 19% spent rather than 12% because insurance bills were paid for the full calendar year, per usual. And as normal MFPD will run into the negative until November.
    3. Board Member Reports: None
    4. Fire Chief Reports:
      • Received all of the radios from the grant and waiting for the programming of them. Bill has been sent to FEMA.
      • Last night’s windmill fire made the news.

  7. Approval of Minutes: Mike motioned to approve, Bill seconded. Approval passed.
  8. Approval of Vendor Claims: commissioner Neil motioned to approve, Mike seconded. Claims were approved.
  9. Old Business: None
  10. New Business:
    1. Signing authority for FY 23-24 Chief stated that each person present will need to sign the form before they leave.
    2. Chief O’Connor explained that county consolidation is still moving forward, no finances have yet been dedicated toward the consolidation. Also, the county has been asked of himself and the Fire Chief from Suisun if they can assist in helping Vacaville Fire District. Chief Howard retired on August 14 and the Assistant Chief has stepped up, however the Assistant Chief has a different full-time job. Chief explained that he has so far received only one 10-min phone call for assistance from
      Vacaville, and that Suisun’s BOC approved to render assistance. Board members expressed their thoughts that a phone call here and there is acceptable to help, but going over to Vacaville for days will not be acceptable.
    3. Chief Baronni is asking if MFPD Board will approve an auto-aid agreement between Montezuma and Isleton Fire. Commissioner Neil made a motion to accept the agreement, Mike seconded. Chief O’Connor stated that if there are changes to the agreement he will bring those back to the Board. The new Auto-Aid agreement was accepted.
  11. Adjournment to Closed Session.
    1. Public Comment: Capt Messenger explained her miscommunications by speaking with another department employee rather than Fire Chief about her personnel issue, and she gave her reason for her lack of written communication to Fire Chief for her personnel file.
    2. Adjournment: Mike motioned to adjourn, Bill seconded. Meeting adjourned at 1815 hours.