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Location: Station 52
Attendees: Commissioners Reis, Anderson, Wilson, Peterson, and Mingay and Fire Chief Michael O'Connor
Bill Peterson called the meeting to order at Station 52 on the above date at 7:05 P.M.
  1. Roll Call.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Fire Chief stated that the agenda was given the required posting at Station 52 on Thursday at 10:30 A.M. Commissioner Wilson made a motion to approve the agenda, Commissioner Anderson seconded. Motion was passed.
  4. Public Comment: Anyone may address the Board at this time regarding any subject that is within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction (Government Code Section 54954.3). However please hold your comments on agenized items on agenda until it is brought up for discussion. Please understand that the Board may not take action on any item that is not listed on this agenda. To address the Board, raise your hand and when you have been called on please state your name and speak. (3 minutes per speaker shall be allowed).

    • A. None

  6. Call Reports: Chief O’Connor reported calls for January 2023. Reported that the call volume was down slightly, and gave a breakdown of types of calls. There were no questions from the Board.
  7. Budget Report: Chief explained that some of the line items are running high and adjustments may need to be made near the end of the fiscal year. He also explained that in April there will be additional tax monies into the account.
  8. Board Member Reports: None
  9. Chief’s Reports:
    • Dinner invitation March 4th at 6:00 P.M. All Board members are encouraged to attend.
    • E251 should be returning from Burton’s repair soon.
  10. Approval of Minutes: February 24, 2023 all Board members vote to approve.
  11. Approval of Vendor Claims: A few clarifications were requested as members went over the vendor claims. All claims were approved by Board members.
  12. Old Business:
    • Update on Grant: Chief explained that we have received pages, and a bill for $27,379.62. FEMA will pick up 90% of that. We will have to pick up 10% of our portion and Suisun will pick up 10% of their portion. Chief reminded the Board that this was a part of the big regional grant that was approved back in 2021.
    • Water Tender Purchase: The committee chair, Captain Cain, went over the drawings of the proposed water tender that Rosenbauer has submitted. He also spoke about the changes that the committee was suggesting. He believed the final cost would be $500K – $600K. The Board made a motion to finalize the drawings and to get three bids.
    • Chief O’Connor requested a Summer Help Internship program for help in this upcoming fire season. The commissioners were in favor of the program, but were concerned about last year’s program running over. Chief explained that it is because those people are still working in place of the employees who is still out on worker’s compensation.
  13. New Business:
    • E251’s repair is approximately $10,000. Chief explained that he will go through the payment voucher and credit card systems to pay this bill.
  14. Adjourn to Closed Session
  15. Open Session: Commissioners made a motion to compensate the employee during illness.
  16. Adjournment: Motion was made by Commissioner Peterson to adjourn, seconded by Wilson.
  17. Commissioners had their photos taken.