Volunteer Form


Do you find it important to give back to the community in meaningful ways that pay it forward?

Are you looking for a community of others who enjoy helping people in times of fear or loss?

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Becoming a volunteer firefighter is one of the most rewarding and selfless decisions you can make. Along with emergency services, they perform a multitude of important tasks to keep others safe, maintain their equipment, and ensure the department can continue serving their community.

Today, volunteers make up 65% of all active firefighters in the U.S. Get started making a difference today!

Wondering about the perks of becoming a MFPD volunteer?

  • A tight knit group
  • The feeling of giving back and helping your community
  • Free training & professional development
  • Tax incentives

Burn Permit


What can be burned?

Dry, natural vegetation, grown on the property can still be burned outdoors in open piles unless prohibited by local ordinances. No household trash or garbage can be burned outdoors at residences. Burning trash, garbage, plastic, and treated lumber is not allowed by the California Air Resources Board.

Obtaining a Burn Permit

  1. Download and completely fill out the burn permit application.*
  2. Deliver your burn permit application to MFPD department at our 21 N. 4th Street, Rio Vista location where you can request approval.
  3. If approved, burn your vegetation pile on the date and hours stated on the form.
  4. On the day of, before burning, call Solano Dispatch at 707-421-7090 to inform them of the burn pile.
*Only valid within Montezuma Fire Protection District's jurisdiction

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