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Location: Station 51
Attendees: Commissioners Bill Petersen, Mike Reis, Neil Anderson, Aaron Wilson, Fire Chief Mike O’Connor
  1. Pledge of Allegiance Led by Mitch Mashburn
  2. Approval of the Agenda: Commissioner Anderson motioned to approve; Commissioner Wilson seconded.
  3. Reports:
    1. Call Report: Chief pointed out that call volume is 2 calls higher than last April; vehicle fires = 2, medical calls = 5, structure fires = 1, mutual aid = 11
    2. Budget Report: County gave the last pay for this budget year; currently $2K not spent; Chief estimated that $20 – $30K will go back to reserve. Supervisor Mashburn if MFPD’s revenue will increase because of all of the land purchases within the district, Supervisor replied that it will increase due to SMUD’s increased tax payments. Supervisor Mashburn also stated that the county will be reassessing properties for the Williamson Act.
    3. Board Member Reports: None
    4. Fire Chief Reports: Chief stated the E52 was received back from the shop, the cost of repairs was just over $2,000, E251 will be returning to Burton’s for a leaky water tank repair. If it can be repaired, it will be. The last repair was not done properly. If it needs a new tank, then the turnaround time will be 4 months plus repair time. E251 will not be able to be gone during the summer months. E561 has been returned, the turbo repair was $8K. Chief has been in contact with Lyon’s for turnouts and it is expected that Montezuma will receive the turnouts this month. The cost will be $90K +/- which will come out of reserve funds. Just under $1M in grants has been received and Montezuma’s portion will be about $40K out of reserves. The grants were for washing machines, turnouts, radios for the rigs and portables.
  4. Approval of Minutes: April 2023 meeting- Commissioner Anderson motioned to approve, Commissioner Wilson seconded.
  5. Approval of Vendor Claims: April 1-30, 2023
  6. Old Business:
    1. Approval of Preliminary Budget for 2023/2024 Chief explained that there. has been $800 – $810K spent and that is what Montezuma’s revenue is. The proposed current budget is around $870K. It was projected higher due to allow unknown costs of repair expenses. Fuel is over budget, consumables and wages are about on target. Board decided to table this. decision until June’s meeting.
  7. New Business:
    1. Approval of Resolution 2023-07 Portal to Portal pay for OES. (this is a renewal to continue from last year)
    2. Equipment discussion with Solano County 5th District Supervisor Mitch Mashburn MFPD is requesting help from county funds with the purchasing of a new water tender that will be used county-wide. Discussion informed of an escalating cost – even after signing a contract – during the two years that the apparatus will be built. Supervisor stated that he will find out if the county can assist.
  8. Adjournment: Commissioner Anderson motioned to adjourn, Commissioner Wilson seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:50PM